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Push Notifications & SMS reminders

Sep 20 2018

Push Notifications & SMS reminders- All you need to know about Patient Management & Patient Engagement:
• Patient Engagement in Dental Care:
Delight your patients, take great care of them, involve them in your practice and market your business.
In context with the dental health; patient engagement is the ideal dental care strategy where in people are informed about and motivated to be involved in their dental care. There must be the willingness of patients to manage their own dental care with strategies designed to promote their involvement.
Patient engagement framework is as important to your business as it is for any other well- established businesses. It makes your practices more profitable and helps you to gain more customers in the long run. Promoting patient engagement helps you to drive more patients, improve oral health outcomes, promote better patient care, increases productivity, and boost business efficiency.
Doctor Dento gives you the power to engage your patients with its SMS and Push Notification feature. Its SMS feature enables you to connect with your patients more effectively, remind them of their appointments which in turn save time by eliminating the need to call patients to schedule or confirm appointments.

• Patient Management:
Patient management plays an important role in elevating your clinical productivity and efficiency. It is a series of interactions, from patient’s in time to out time, between the patient and the healthcare team and includes communication, empathy, examination, diagnosis, and intervention. Patient management strategy enables you to manage your patients effectively and can lead to more recommendations, hence more business.

How can you manage your patients?

• Make them feel valued:
Helping patients feel valued is the important thing in the creation of a successful practice. When your patients feel valued and special, they're much more likely to come back, give you positive reviews and recommend your practice out there.

• Automatic Reminders:
Schedule and remind your patients for their next appointments with personalized or automatic SMS’s. And patients like it when they receive a gentle reminder on their phones for next appointments.

• Bring your Patients back:
Show your continuous care and efforts to your patients for there might be some unscheduled patients or the patients who have missed their appointments for some reason. You can always bring them back by inviting them to return with some customizable messages and reminders.

• Catch Your Unresponsive Patients:
Catching your unresponsive patients is one more way to manage your old patients. Identify your unresponsive patients and follow up with them personally. You can view the list of patients who received messages but didn’t get back to you. So, all you need to do is to put a bit more efforts and review their patient history, message history and get in touch.

• Building lasting relationships:
Communication is the lifeline in every relationship and same holds true with your patients. Effective communication holds the key value in maintaining long-term relationships with your patients. You can market your dental practice via SMS alerts about new services and special offers to your patients. Never let your patients unattended. Always stay in touch with them in some way or the other. To build long-lasting relationships you need to involve your patients, pamper them, value and respect them, encourage healthy behavior, reactivate lost patients.

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