About Doctor Dento Mobile App

Doctor Dento is an innovative, feature-rich mobile application designed for dentists to manage their dental clinics more easily and efficiently. With Doctor Dento mobile application, you can easily maintain a database of your patient records, can access a complete, up-to-date, and real-time view of your patient’s medical history, can schedule and manage your patient’s appointments, and complete your clinical tasks all from your smartphone or tablet device.

The mobile application has been designed with the objective of making the dental clinics smarter and paper free.

The app can be used to navigate the following information: patient's personal information, dental charts, dental notes, appointments, patient facts, and clinical documents. The data leads to the more efficient use of time during clinic visits.

Doctor Dento mobile application is a great tool to improve dental clinical care with comprehensive tools for dental charting, treatment planning, and dental notes. The mobile application is enriched with Push notification feature that sends notification SMS directly to the patient's cell phone, as a gentle reminder for next appointments.  The app provides a step-by-step, hassle- free feature list to help dentists to go through the entire process seamlessly.

The app aims to improve dental healthcare delivery with mobile interoperability solutions that in some way or the other connect dentists and patients across geographic, technology and workflow boundaries. Funded by XRM Labs, the Doctor Dento mobile app is designed & architected by XRM Labs itself with technical collaboration and software development from its own IT services management team.

The app is fully functional on the Android mobility platform. Doctor Dento is the most comprehensive mobile application available for dentists and healthcare professionals. Our future release will include the ability to attach images and record patient payments.

 The application helps to remind patients for follow-up visits and further appointments through the automatic triggering of SMS to the patient’s registered mobile number, all through some simple settings.

In this fast pace of life, we often miss our appointed schedules; loss of which is a total mess for a dentist. And moreover, reminding the patient every time is also not possible. So, conveying the information via SMS is a kind of gentle reminder that patients really like. This application provides a real- time solution, keeping your appointments organized.

Many dental clinics have found that Doctor Dento, as the best suitable mobile application for improved productivity and higher patient satisfaction. 


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