Features Doctor Dento Mobile App

  Clinic On The Go

With just a few clicks from your smartphones or tablets, you can quickly access patient information anytime, anywhere. And can schedule and confirm patient appointments even from remote locations.


  Improves Productivity

Doctor Dento in an easier and smarter way.It accelerates the workflows that lead to improved productivity and higher patient satisfaction.Doctor Dento provides a single solution for improving your dental clinic and your practice profitability.



 The Mobile application has an in-built Statistics feature that helps dentists to keep an eye on business progress by giving the real- time feedback of the patients visited from last four weeks, new vs old patient’s comparison chart etc.


  Reduce Errors

The App enables you to go paper-free which can completely eliminate the mistakes associated with handwritten notes and the chance of misplacing a patient file.It improves the accuracy of patient records by eliminating the manual entry of patients at the clinics.


  Patient Engagement

At Doctor Donto, we have designed the mobile application in a way that lets the dentists reach and communicate with patients in a smarter and better way that consequently leads to increased productivity and business growth.


  Digital Prescription

Digital prescription allows patients to connect with the doctors, it's main aim to reduce paper prescription and also the risk of damaged. The App will automatically share a digital copy of the prescription with the patient as well as store a copy of it for future use.


  SMS Feature

Dentists can schedule and confirm the patient appointments using SMS feature. Helping patients feel valued is the important thing in the creation of a successful practice. When your patients feel valued and special, they're much more likely to come back, give you positive reviews and recommend your practice out there.



Our Doctor Dento mobile application is highly secured, encrypted and has been developed under modern security standards. We apply high standards of security and confidentiality to protect the data and personal health information of your patients. 


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