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How to manage your Dental Lab more effectively with Doctor Dento:

Aug 13 2018

Doctor Dento gives you the freedom to manage your dental clinic from anywhere you are. Managing your dental clinic with Doctor Dento can elevate your progress and takes your productivity to the next level. The mobile application is adaptive to any dental clinic and is already trusted by leading dentists across the country.

Manage your Clinic from anywhere:
Managing your dental clinic with Doctor Dento makes you smart, efficient, productive and highly competent as it enables the dentists to access their dental clinical data from anywhere they are. It is truly like your personal mobile clinic on the go. You just need to use your Smartphone or tablets to get into the patient details, new registrations, schedule appointments etc.

Consistently work on improving user experience:
Great user experience is yet another way to manage your clinic effectively. We focus on the user-friendliness of the app as we are rightly guided by the users' motivations. Doctor Dento helps you to improve the user experience mainly in two ways. Firstly, we have structured and designed our app in a way so that your message looks great on all phones and tablets. Secondly, it enables you and your patients to go paper-free by eliminating the traditional form fillings by patients that in turn enhances the user experience.

SMS Reminders:
Dentists can schedule and confirm the patient appointments using SMS feature. And patients like it when they receive a gentle reminder on their phones for next appointments. Helping patients feel valued is the important thing in the creation of a successful practice. When your patients feel valued and special, they're much more likely to come back, give you positive reviews and recommend your practice out there.

Stay Organized:
The mobile application makes you more organized, productive and saves time. It improves the accuracy of patient records by eliminating the manual entry of patients at the clinics.

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