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Best Dental Clinic Management Apps

Jan 22 2019

Best Dental Clinic Management Apps

Many dental clinics have started to benefit from many mobile "applications" which make managing a dental clinic simpler. Surprisingly, many software programs are available that take a surprising quantity of utility. You will now have the ability to place your smartphone to function on your dental clinic in ways you have never believed, decreasing your administrative expenses, streamlining the administrative procedures on your clinic, which makes the ordering of equipment faster and simpler, and helping your patients with instructional materials, outcome expectations, and basic communication. Listed below are 10 useful mobile applications which can make your life for a dentist simpler (in no Specific order):

1) DDS GP : is a program focused on individual instruction and demonstration. This program makes it possible for dentists to exemplify the ramifications of dental conditions like periodontal disease, decay, cracks, and other ailments as time passes. The tool now features over 200 displays. The application provides you the ability to draw directly on the screen with your palms, save the edited drawings, add pictures to a photo library, and also create, send, and print individual treatment programs for your own patients. This program is continually being upgraded and enhanced through on moving alterations.


2.) CDT Code Check: Developed from the American Dental Association, CDT Code Check enables staff and dentists to look up process codes if a CDT Manual is not handy. It is particularly useful tool for dentists who travel between offices. CDT codes are searchable with code number, type of service, and key words. The program also contains a complete list of CDT Codes, in addition to a listing of new and revised codes demonstrating changes. Lexi-Dental Entire is an excellent dental resource, complete with an source dental library including drug info and impacts, patient tools, lab and diagnostic process info, dental ailments, natural product info, a dental crisis handbook, and other helpful resources. This app can be downloaded at no cost on a 3-day trial.


3) Doctor Dento Mobile Application: Doctor Dento is an innovative, feature-rich mobile application designed for dentists to manage their dental clinics more easily and efficiently. With Doctor Dento mobile application, you can easily maintain a database of your patient records, can access a complete, up-to-date, and real-time view of your patient’s medical history, can schedule and manage your patient’s appointments, and complete your clinical tasks all from your smartphone or tablet device.

The app helps in improving productivity, patient engagement, reduces errors and has SMS Feature as well.


With just a few clicks from your smartphones or tablets, you can quickly access patient information anytime, anywhere. And can schedule and confirm patient appointments even from remote locations.


Doctor Dento in an easier and smarter way.It accelerates the workflows that lead to improved productivity and higher patient satisfaction.Doctor Dento provides a single solution for improving your dental clinic and your practice profitability.


The Mobile application has an in-built Statistics feature that helps dentists to keep an eye on business progress by giving the real- time feedback of the patients visited from last four weeks, new vs old patient’s comparison chart etc.


The App enables you to go paper-free which can completely eliminate the mistakes associated with handwritten notes and the chance of misplacing a patient file.It improves the accuracy of patient records by eliminating the manual entry of patients at the clinics.


At Doctor Donto, we have designed the mobile application in a way that lets the dentists reach and communicate with patients in a smarter and better way that consequently leads to increased productivity and business growth.



Dentists can schedule and confirm the patient appointments using SMS feature. Helping patients feel valued is the important thing in the creation of a successful practice. When your patients feel valued and special, they're much more likely to come back, give you positive reviews and recommend your practice out there.


Our Doctor Dento mobile application is highly secured, encrypted and has been developed under modern security standards. We apply high standards of security and confidentiality to protect the data and personal health information of your patients.


4) iRomexis:

IRomexis is a full size 2-D and 3-D mobile image-viewer software constructed for its iPad. It is designed to show all images made by Planmeca X-ray components, such as Planmeca ProMax 3-D and ProFace 3D pictures. Pictures may be used for individual education and consultation with colleagues in a handy medium. Picture resolution quality is superb. The application organizes and categorizes patient pictures quite well, and can be perfectly compatible with Romexis desktop applications, enabling for image-sharing with mobile devices everywhere.

The application permits you to adjust picture brightness and contrast, zoom, and a slew of additional purposes, which makes it a versatile instrument.


5) MyDentist

Your patients may utilize MyDentist to request a consultation, speak to your workplace, and sometimes even access pre- and - post-operation information to be certain they're receiving the highest quality and most educated support and advice possible. The application has built in GPS capability that will lead them directly to your workplace from their current site. MyDentist will also enable your visitors to refer others to you, right from the application itself. It is a pricey application, but provides numerous features which make linking, interacting, and transacting with your own patients simpler, which might be quite handy for your clinic.


6) DentalStat

The DentalStat application is an easy-to-use application for calculating patient-specific doses. It gets rid of the requirement to assess instructions and perform manual calculations. The most popular dental medications prescribed are also recorded and displayed in a form which may be submitted into a drugstore.

7) Dental Supervisor

Dental Director can allow you to develop a treatment application for individual patients and also compute all of your dental expenses, on your smartphone. Utilize the built-in price evaluation and therapy - planning attributes to check with your own patients and help them with their dental health decision. You will also have the ability to use the application to share info between co-workers and coworkers.


8) iDentalCare: The iDentalCare application permits doctors to handle individual records and schedule dental appointments for their patients, and advancement of actions. Through integration using iCloud information, it may be dispersed on all apparatus.

9) DentalRx : The DentalRx application gives dentists the ability to write a prescription and deliver it into the laboratory immediately -- straight via an iPhone. Dentists may do all this while a patient remains in the seat.

10) Dental Specialist : Dental Specialist was created particularly to educate patients on a dental clinic -- all the job that dentists do and why. When patients are far better educated about their dental health insurance and every one your choices in their disposal (without the need to take part in a protracted appointment )they will tend to see the office to get regular appointments and surgeries, that benefits both dentists and patients alike.


Dental clinic management software are all designed to help dentists tackle the special challenges they face in their daily work. Patients regularly make appointments beforehand and dentists will need to organize patient schedules as well as advice with the hygienist. Dental softwares also provide a website for patients, patient education modules, and billing, scheduling, and coding aid. These features allow a dental clinic’s front and back office staff to work more efficiently.


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