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Uses of a Dental Clinic Management App

Jan 30 2019

Uses of Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic is an organization that's accountable for providing medication and treatment for all kinds of dental problems. Surely, you will find people who must use the dental clinic services regularly. However, how can a dental organization provide a faster and efficient service if they are still working with the old conventional way in their daily operations? The standard method usually means that the customers need to fill in their detail in registration form and the info will only maintain files. After the registration, the files will be set in the rack and this can cause issues such as taking more time for you to recover the information, make mistakes during writing or loss of records. Nowadays, technology has changed many aspects of life and people's lifestyle is now indivisible from the system due to the maturation of Internet. With dental clinic management system, the practice becomes much faster and more efficient than traditional way.

Though the dental clinic had a system, but they still do not make use of the application. It is because they are confronting several problems throughout process management. Thus, people from outside cannot view their treatment/examination details that they have done from the dental service provider. There are also problems when the patient forgot their appointment time because it is impossible for them to test their appointment schedule through internet. Even though appointment schedule was given in the manual, it's likely that the paper will soon be missed.

 Dental Clinic Management System with notifications is specifically made to allow the clinic staff have a higher efficiency management application, automatic and orderly patient's record, along with detail of treatment records. This system additionally offers appointment feature, which allow staffs to see the appointment that was made by health practitioners and process it by sending a notification to patients. Patients will receive the notification about their appointment details in their own mobile phone. This new system will replace the current system that's used in practice and surely this system will enhance the clinical services and also make their daily operation running smoothly. Patient treatment module include the info about the dental examination and listing and record of treatment that has been prescribed and done. Besides that, dental treatment and disease section provide information regarding the reason behind tooth extraction and dental filling. It allows the dentist to follow the patient requirements. Decision Support Method for Dental Clinic can be an independent management system for managing details or info in the non-government clinic. The Dental Management system also concentrates to improve the present system in part of record patient tooth therapy. The objectives of the project are to generate the decision support system for dental practice, to improve section of record patient treatment form/schedule type and analyze the reason behind dental problems, diseases, treatment, prevention and cure.



These will be the characteristics that are necessary for the daily management & record of one's clinical day-to-day activities. Before purchasing any dental clinic management applications, you have to look for these features.

Appointment Scheduling: You can manage the patient schedule within the application form. It helps to set appointments, find available time slots and reschedule patients and more.

Payment Entry: It enable to enter payment and billing information directly from the application. You may even maintain reminders concerning the upcoming payments for the treatment.

 Claims Management: Your software assists with creating and managing insurance claims. Many applications may even let you ship the claims electronically. Thus, it gets possible for the dental practitioners to claim the dental insurances of those patients after the treatment.

 Patient Reminder: The application provides options to remind patients of upcoming appointments via email or phone calls or texts. This is an attribute without which no dental clinic management software can be complete.

 Tracking the referral:  You can track patient referrals within this application form. You can see who the individual has been referred by and in the event the patient was referred to another dentist or practitioner.

 Print Patient Statements: The software has the feature to make the electronic and print patients' treatments statement as well as other details. These are extremely beneficial to mail the patients regarding their payments & treatment information. (To safeguard against any prospective financial disputes)

 Patient Charts: Every dental clinic management software has the system to make, maintain & see patient treatment chart which can give the fundamental overview of the treatment schedule.

Periodontal Charts: There has to be an entire periodontal graph for its pictorial assessment of the teeth and nearby periodontium.

Treatment Scheduling: Module to keep complete records of future treatment preparation, strategies, medical history, drug history and also other relevant information.

Prescription Writing/Drug History: A prescription writer permits one to track and record patient prescriptions. Some applications may even allow you to generate and send prescriptions to be filled for patients. This is again very useful for not only records but medicolegal reasons.

 Medical History Records: Now there has to be considered a module to maintain in-detail the previous dental or medical histories of those patients.

 Patient Consent Form: All of dental clinic management applications must offer an editable patient approval form which could be modified according to the procedure. The patient consent form has to be printable or be able to capture the electronic signature. This is very useful for medico legal purposes.

Custom Report Generator: The dental practice management applications ought to have a personalized report generator to generate software according to requirement.

Regular Backups: The program must have the feature to take normal regular backups of all your data. The information copies can be kept in the local storage or at the cloud backup services such as Google-Drive or Box Cloud.

Accessibility on mobile phones: 90 percent of online activities are occurring on mobile phones or apps. So request the dental software management company -- if they are providing an operating mobile app edition of these own software. This will let you access the individual reports even when you aren't at the dentist.

Email Support: You are able to reach a service representative via email. Assess whether the email support is priority basis, or you will need to have a waiting period before the answer.

Telephonic Service: You can reach a service representative via telephone number. Check if it’s around the clock service or 9-to-5 support. In any instance, if telephonic service is provided then it's a real goof point.

Live Chat Support: Assess if the business provides a live support chat. This will be useful for those who run the services for 24 hours basis.


The software is utilized in dental practice to keep up with the records of patients in advanced level fashion rather than paper record. And the systemic watchful section of this program gives the treatment information of their patient for his or her different diseases which is provided by the different specialists which aids a physician to take care of their patient at an ideal approach. Additionally, it has appointment program. It is easy to find and retrieve the information stored, associated with patients when the patient visited over and over again. Therefore, your full time needed for looking for the paper documents of the patient is going to be spared. Previous medical records are utilized to manage records of patients visited earlier. Dental software provides comfortable access of the data in ordered and advanced fashion. The software maintains patient accounts ledgers for each treatment. Additionally, incorporates appointment schedule. It's not difficult to find and retrieve the information stored, associated with patients. Previous healthcare records are utilized to manage documents of patients seen earlier in the day. It incorporates complete reporting system and also helps to build the Dental instance Reports. Helps to store pictures. Higher level document management system to handle the records of patients as well as monitory and legal aspects also being covered for any future dispute.


 Dental Clinic Management System not only provides an opportunity to the organization to enhance their patient care but can also raise the profitability of their company. Dentist would be able to greatly improve the operational control and therefore streamline operations. This will enhance the response time to the demands of patient attention because it simplifies the procedure of collecting, collating and recovering individual information.


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