Frequently Asked Questions


Doctor Dento is an innovative, feature-rich mobile application designed for dentists to manage their dental clinics more quickly and efficiently through a mobile application.
Doctor Dento enables the professional delivery of services to your clients and gives you peace of mind. We've packed this App with advanced tools to help you focus more on your dental practice and less on prescription paperwork and schedule appointment with patients.

Doctor Dento enables dentists to manage their patients and clinic. Dentists can keep a database of their patient's records. These include personal information, dental charts, dental notes, and appointments. They can also attach a copy of their patient prescription for future reference.
Doctor Dento is developed by XRM Labs. Click the link to know more about the company.
No, Doctor Dento mobile App works online.
Please send us an email at with the bug details & one of our team members would reach out to you shortly.
Cached data in the App can, sometimes, cause your Android device to be out of sync with the web interface. To fix this, you can open your phone's Settings app, then go to 'Apps' and scroll down to select the Doctor Dento app. From there, you can select the 'Storage' option and select Clear Cache. If clearing the cache does not help, you may want to try logging out of the Doctor Dento app and logging in again. If the issue persists, you can try deleting the App from your device & re-installing it again from the Google Play Store. However, you would need to log in to your account again after re-installation.


Doctor Dento app is currently compatible with Android platforms. For the best viewing experience using the latest version of Android.
Doctor Dento mobile app is available in English.
Currently, the Doctor Dento app can only be accessed from Mobile App, but eventually, in the future, we will be making access for dentists from desktop also.
Doctor Dento mobile app gives you the ability to book new appointments, view your appointments, check the patient's medical history, and use the digital prescription of Doctor Dento.
  • It can be used from any android platform based mobile device.
  • It allows dentists to view appointments, book new appointments, and upload the digital prescription.
Upload prescriptions digitally and share them with your patients. Check the to know more. The process is explained step by step in this article.


We have made Doctor Dento mobile app free. It comes with all features in which you can register clinic, book appointments, upload prescription of your patients over cloud storage so, and it can also be easily shared with patients and accessed from anywhere.


Please send us an email at with the bug details & one team member would reach out to you shortly.
To reset the password, click on the forgot password, enter your registered email id and click on submit. Shortly after you click submit, a password reset link will be sent to your registered email id. Click on the link in the email, which will redirect you to a page where you can create a new password.


Security and data privacy is of utmost importance to us. All customer data is safely stored in the Doctor Dento Database, with the ability to backup. For more details on this, feel free to read our privacy policy.
Sadly, we're still working on this. For more queries or suggestions, feel free to write to us at